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Climate Change and the Role of Emerging Economies

February 2020

Citation: ELR 10125

Author: Daniel Ling Tien Chong

The principles of “common but differentiated responsibility” (CBDR) and sustainable development play an integral role in international environmental law. However, these principles have come under fire in recent years, particularly from the global North, which has grown impatient over the lack of contribution on climate change from the emerging economies. Much effort has been expended toward the establishment of greater contribution, and the shouldering of greater responsibility from these countries. This Comment seeks to analyze principles of CBDR and sustainable development, two central pillars upon which international climate change law and policy have developed, and to identify the reasons for the present discontent of the global North over the obligations of emerging economies. It also seeks to establish a basis for a new interpretation of the principle of CBDR to assist the forward march of global climate change negotiations.

Daniel Ling Tien Chong is an LL.B. candidate at the National University of Singapore.

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