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Electric Utility Wildfire Liability Reform in California

November 2019

Citation: 49 ELR 11003

Issue: 11

Author: Myanna Dellinger

As climate change worsens, so does the risk of wildfires. This is especially so in already hot, dry areas such as the western United States. Adding to this problem is the rapid growth of the wildland-urban interface (WUI). As more and more houses are built in the WUI, wildfires will pose an even greater risk to lives and homes, they will be harder to fight, and letting natural fires burn will become impossible.  This Comment argues that end-consumers who live in the WUI should, to a much greater extent than is currently the case, internalize the full costs of their choices and actions under principles of environmental justice and other notions of fairness in law and policymaking.

Myanna Dellinger is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of South Dakota School of Law.

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