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Retail Net Metering: It’s Time to Get It Right for All Customers

August 2018

Citation: 48 ELR 10729

Issue: 8

Author: Adam Benshoff and Alison Williams

Surely net metering has played an important role in the story about solar development in the United States. But, as a policy, net metering is the equivalent of looking in the rearview mirror. If we want a dynamic, responsive energy system, then we need to look ahead and toward smart rate designs that do not favor certain customers over others. We need rates that work to the benefit of all customers and their unique energy needs. Finally, we need rates that appropriately value investment in the energy grid to ensure that the energy system is reliable, affordable, increasingly clean, and secure for all.

Adam Benshoff is the Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs at Edison Electric Institute, an association representing U.S. investorowned electric companies. Alison Williams is the Director of State Energy and Regulatory Policy at Edison Electric Institute.

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