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The Potential for Funder Networks to Effectuate Collective Impact

August 2018

Citation: 48 ELR 10694

Issue: 8

Author: Kristin A. Pauly

Patience Crowder has developed an important Article, which in its present form will significantly benefit the legal community and those organizations that have already embraced the concept of collective impact, perhaps experimented with the approach, or are prepared to act as consultants to communities interested in exploring it. However, there are many within the foundation community who do not yet see themselves participating in this approach at all. If the paper were simplified for a lay audience, philanthropic leaders could be inspired by the ways in which the legal profession has begun to address changing their roles to support more collective impact approaches and might begin to think more broadly and deeply about their own current practices. I also encourage Crowder to look into the experiences of funder networks to find examples of the kind of collaborative activity they encourage and that could be directed toward collective impact initiatives.

Kristin A. Pauly is a co-founder of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network, and served as the Managing Director of Prince Charitable Trusts for 17 years.

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