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Impact Transactions From a Practitioner’s Perspective

August 2018

Citation: 48 ELR 10688

Issue: 8

Author: Ann E. Condon

Collective impact initiatives (CIIs) bring together actors with diverse experiences and perspectives to focus on an issue, with the potential to create new skill sets and solutions to long-standing problems. Professor Crowder posits that the absence of an existing contractual framework is one of the emerging barriers to the effectiveness of CIIs, many of which are currently based on informal relationships and not enforceable agreements. In particular, the author believes we need to develop practical contract drafting strategies to memorialize collective impact strategies. Her article is designed as the first in a series on collective impact. Future articles will review specific contract law issues, recommend governance structures, and explore how collective impact can be scaled as a tool in the regional equity movement. One element that is missing from her article is evidence that organizations working on social projects will gain tangible benefits from adopting a formal contract. Articulating these benefits, perhaps through detailed case studies, should be a key element of Professor Crowder’s future work.

Ann E. Condon is a Visiting Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute. Previously, she led General Electric’s resource efficiency, chemical stewardship, and internal sustainability programs.

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