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Is Integrated Water Management on Track in the European Union?

March 2018

Citation: 48 ELR 10224

Issue: 3

Author: Luc Lavrysen

Although major progress has been made in water management compared with the sometimes dramatic situation in the 1960s and 1970s, much has still to be done to achieve the ambitious objectives of European Union (EU) water law. Climate change is adding an extra challenge. Additional measures should be taken, and continuous investment in upgrading and maintaining water treatment systems, together with an environmentally friendly management of water systems, will be on the agenda for many years. The judiciary can help to bring closer the realization of those objectives by enforcing the rules that have been enacted on the EU and at domestic levels.

Luc Lavrysen is a Justice in the Constitutional Court of Belgium and Director of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law at Ghent University.

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