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Corporate Responsibility: Promoting Climate Justice Through the Divestment of Fossil Fuels and Socially Responsible Investment

February 2017

Citation: ELR 10151

Author: Josephine M. Balzac

Heightened awareness of climate change has inspired institutional investors to divest from fossil fuels. At the same time, investors have pushed for a new sustainable energy economy with socially and environmentally responsible investments. This fossil fuel divestment and investment in sustainable and socially responsible businesses will become a powerful driver of change, and will promote climate justice by taking a human-centered approach to climate change and safeguarding the rights of present and future generations. This Article, adapted from Chapter 5 of Climate Justice: Case Studies in Global and Regional Governance (ELI Press 2016), explains that although the actions undertaken are voluntary, they represent an important shift in thinking necessary for a sustainable future.

Josephine M. Balzac is a visiting assistant professor at Rollins College in the Department of Business. She is also an adjunct law professor at Barry University School of Law teaching sustainability in business.

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