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Considering Non-Transmission Alternatives

August 2016

Citation: 46 ELR 10695

Issue: 8

Author: Randolph Elliott

Shelley Welton’s Non-Transmission Alternatives is a timely examination of an important issue in energy and environmental policy: What regulatory and business structures would best enable the Nation to plan, build, and pay for the right mix of electric transmission and alternative facilities? The Article explores reasons why the regional transmission planning process required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order No. 10002 is not up to that task. This Comment notes ways FERC could clarify key terms used in Order No. 1000—including “non-transmission alternatives” and “comparability”—to better define the roles of the commission and other public agencies and private actors.

Randolph Elliott is Senior Regulatory Counsel at the American Public Power Association. The views presented here are his own and do not necessarily represent the positions of APPA or its members. He was counsel for APPA or other parties in a number of the cases discussed.

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