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The Practice of Sustainability at Colleges and Universities

May 2016

Citation: ELR 10394

Author: William R. Blackburn

Colleges and universities that seek sustainability have a wide range of support organizations to draw upon for advice and tools. Such schools can also learn by studying the best sustainability operating system (SOS) practices adopted by their fellow collegiate institutions. The encouraging news is that some of these institutions are well on the way to establishing comprehensive, well-integrated sustainability programs. This Article, adapted from Chapter 15 of The Sustainability Handbook, 2nd Ed. (ELI Press 2016), reviews the challenges and best SOS practices of collegiate sustainability programs and offers tips on how to sell the goal of sustainability to a school administration.

William R. Blackburn is author of The Sustainability Handbook and president of William Blackburn Consulting Ltd., advising organizations on the performance, structure, strategy, planning, and development of programs related to sustainability, EHS, and crisis management/emergency response.

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