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Who Owns the Texas Sky? An Analysis of Wind Rights in Texas

May 2015

Citation: 45 ELR 10426

Issue: 5

Author: Thomas Boyd

Texas has again become the national leader in an emerging area of energy production. As it did with oil in the 1940s, Texas in 2006 surpassed California and became the nation’s leading producer of wind power, with an installed generating capacity of 2,736 megawatts (MW). State wind power production increased nearly fivefold in the eight years since. In the first quarter of 2014, Texas had an installed wind power capacity of 12,354 MW, more than twice as much as any other state and over one-fifth of the total U.S. installed capacity.

Thomas Boyd is a Harvard Law School student, a proud Texan, and an interested observer of emerging areas of law and unsettled legal issues.

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