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Federal Control of Air Emissions From New Heavy-Duty Road Vehicles

March 2014

Citation: 44 ELR 10216

Issue: 3

Author: Arnold W. Reitze Jr.

Heavy-duty road vehicles are subject to a regulatory program administered primarily by the federal government, a program that evolved out of concerns about increasing smog in California in the 1960s. Among the applicable regulations today are Clean Air Act mobile source provisions, Tier 2 standards, and the proposed Tier 3 standards. The mobile source program has existed for one-half century, but regulation of heavy-duty vehicles developed much later than the program for light-duty vehicles. More recently, the federal government has begun implementing a program to control greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

Arnold W. Reitze Jr. is Professor of Law, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah; J.B. and Maurice Shapiro Professor Emeritus of Environmental Law, The George Washington University; and author of three books on air pollution published by ELI.

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