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The Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Climate Science

December 2013

Citation: 43 ELR 11098

Issue: 12

Author: James Parker-Flynn

For over two decades, various think tanks, politicians, and scientists, among others, have spread misinformation about the causes of climate change and the integrity of climate scientists. Partly because this misinformation campaign has distorted the marketplace of ideas, the United States has not addressed climate change with significant new legislation. Existing causes of action provide no repercussions for climate science misrepresentation, despite the possibly catastrophic consequences that may result if the United States fails to take significant steps to address climate change. A narrow new cause of action for the fraudulent misrepresentation of climate science is necessary and appropriate.

James Parker-Flynn is an Environmental Law Research and Teaching Fellow and LL.M. candidate at Florida State University College of Law.

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