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A Comment on "A Federal Act to Promote Integrated Water Management: Is the CZMA a Useful Model?"

August 2013

Citation: ELR 10688

Author: Bradley M. Campbell

Fragmentation, calcified in the media-specific nature of federal and state statutes, in the silo-by-silo regulatory approach of environmental and natural resource agencies, and in the arbitrary jurisdictional fiefs that begin in the committee structure of the U.S. Congress and radiate out through the budgets and missions of agencies, has long been the bane of sound environmental policy. Professor Thompson, in A Federal Act to Promote Integrated Water Management: Is the CZMA a Useful Model, persuasively reminds us that this remains of particular importance in water-resource management. That said, I would question whether a new federal oversight role—whether in the form of Professor Thompson’s proposed “Sustainable Water Integrated Management Act,” or in some other form—would solve the current problem of fragmentation in water-resource policy.

Bradley M. Campbell is the President of Bradley M. Campbell LLC. He is also a former Public Scholar at Monmouth University (2011–2012), the former Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (2002–2006), and a former Regional Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (1999–2001).

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