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A Federal Act to Promote Integrated Water Management: Is the CZMA a Useful Model?

August 2013

Citation: 43 ELR 10682

Issue: 8

Author: Barton H. Thompson Jr.

Fragmentation poses a major challenge to effective water management in the United States. The CZMA provides a potential model for national legislation promoting more-integrated water management by the states. The federal government has a strong interest in effective management. Poor water planning in one state can impact national water needs, the water management of neighboring states, and national economic markets. As in the case of coastal management, the federal government can help encourage more-integrated and effective water management by offering incentives to states that pursue integrated plans and by agreeing to comply with such plans.

Barton H. Thompson Jr. is the Robert E. Paradise Professor of Natural Resources Law at Stanford University, as well as the Perry L. McCarty Director and senior fellow of The Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University.

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