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Dirty Water: Lessons for Comparative Public Law and International Governance From Wastewater Regulation in the United States and Germany

March 2013

Citation: 43 ELR 10237

Issue: 3

Author: Richard L. Williamson Jr. and Monika Böhm

A good deal can be learned from studying how Germany and the United States regulate the discharge of treated wastewater, but these lessons are not restricted to an enhanced understanding of one aspect of environmental protection. Instead, there are important distinctions in the public law approaches of the two countries, and thus the study of treated wastewater discharge has importance for the understanding of comparative law more generally.

Richard L. Williamson Jr. is Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law. Monika Böhm is Professor of Public and Administrative Law (Professur für Staats-und Verwaltungsrecht), Faculty of Law, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, and Elected Advising Attorney on Constitutional Law to the Supreme Court of Hesse (Landesanwältin beim Hessischen Staatsgerichtshof ).

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