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Comment on Climate Change and U.S. Interests by Freeman and Guzman

August 2011

Citation: 41 ELR 10712

Issue: 8

Author: Laurie T. Johnson and Daniel A. Lashof

In this sobering article, Freeman and Guzman (FG) challenge the argument that the United States could be a “climate change winner,” which asserts that, due to its temperate climate and advanced economy, climate change will benefit the United States relative to other countries or even in absolute terms. They argue that, setting aside any moral argument that the United States has an obligation to act aggressively to reduce emissions, it is independently in its self-interest to do so.

Laurie T. Johnson is a staff member of the Natural Resource Defense Council’s Climate Program. Daniel A. Lashof is Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Climate Center.

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