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The National Environmental Policy Act 40th Annivesary SymposiumThe National Environmental Policy Act 40thThe National Environmental Policy Act 40th Anniversary Symposium

December 2010

Citation: ELR 11183

Author: Jim McElfish, Sam Kalen, Nick Yost, Mary O

Editors' Summary

On September 15, 2010, the Environmental Law Institute, the Grand Canyon Trust, and the Partnership Project hosted a symposium to commemorate the 40th anniversary of NEPA. At the symposium, participants explored how agency engagement with the public results in better decisionmaking. Panelists explored some of the means by which agency practices have made the NEPA process more effective, ways in which agency practice has been less successful, and current opportunities to make NEPA work even better than it has during the statute's first 40 years. The symposium was followed by a reception, at which Russell Train, John Dingell, and Gary Guzy spoke, and the release of NEPA Success Stories: Celebrating 40 Years of Transparency and Open Government. The remarks made at the reception may be listened to at http://www.eli.org/audio/09.15.10dc/09.15.10dcreception.mp3. The symposium, reception, and publication are all made possible with the generous support of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, the 444S Foundation, and the Wilburforce Foundation.

Panelists: Dinah Bear, Attorney at Law, Washington, D.C. (former General Counsel to the Council on Environmental Quality) Carol Borgstrom, Director of the Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance, U.S. Department of Energy Sam Kalen, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Wyoming; Of Coursel, Van Ness Feldman Mary O'Brien, Utah Forests Project Manager, Grand Canyon Trust Nicholas Yost, SNR Denton US LLP (former General Counsel to the Council on Environmental Quality)

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