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India's Integrated Energy Policy: A Source of Economic Nirvana or Environmental Disaster?

July 2010

Citation: ELR 10706

Author: Deepa Badrinarayana

Editors' Summary

India's rapidly growing economy naturally demands increasing energy needs from the industrial scale down to the personal. Mindful of potential negative impacts of economic development, India is making efforts to encourage growth while preserving and protecting the environment and human rights. India's Integrated Energy Policy sets out the roadmap for how the country plans to achieve the balance among development, environmental protection, citizens' rights, energy security, and a host of other priorities and concerns. Though ambitious and broad in scope, the Policy may prove inadequate in mitigating environmental impacts of development, and thus inadequate in balancing India's needs, particularly in the realm of climate change.

Dr. Deepa Badrinarayana is Assistant Professor of Law, Chapman University School of Law.

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