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Annual Review of Chinese Environmental Law Developments: 2006

November 2007

Citation: ELR 10836

Author: Mingqing You

Editor's Summary: The 2006 passage of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan may mark a turning point for sustainable development in China. In 2006, China began to take a comprehensive approach to natural resources conservation and environmental protection. In this annual review, Mingqing You surveys the major developments in Chinese environmental law and policy in the past year. He covers national policy shifts, international environmental regimes China joined, economic incentive policies, and pollution control indicators.

Mingqing You is a lecturer at the Environmental and Resources Law Institute, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan, China. He is also a lawyer with Hubei Zhong & Xin Law Firm, Wuhan, China. He may be reached at m.you04@fulbrightweb.org.

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