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Law and Policy for Ecosystem Services

July 2007

Citation: 37 ELR 10573

Issue: 7

Author: Panel discussion

Editors' Summary: On February 21, 2007, the Environmental Law Institute hosted a seminar on law and policy for ecosystem services. After the moderator provided an overview of the challenges and opportunities for regulation of ecosystem services, the panelists shared their expertise on a range of topics surrounding this issue, including the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the economics of ecosystem services, differences between provisioning services and regulating services, and information and incentive programs for the private sector. Below is a transcript of the event. [Transcribed by ACE Transcription Service, Washington, D.C. The transcript has been lightly edited, and citations have been added, for ease of reading.]

Panelists: Tundi Agardy, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and Executive Director, Sound Seas Richard S. Davis, Beveridge & Diamond Bob Donaghue, Director, Pollution Prevention Assistance Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Janet Ranganathan, Director of People and Ecosystems, World Resources Institute J.B. Ruhl, Matthews and Hawkins Professor, Florida State University College of Law

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