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Governance Structures for Nanotechnology Regulation in the European Union

December 2006

Citation: ELR 10953

Author: Geert van Calster

Editors' Summary: The United States is not the only government facing the challenges of nanotechnology regulation. The European Union (EU) is also contemplating a regulatory mechanism for this new technology. Prof. Geert van Calster discusses the EU approach in this Article. He begins with an overview of regulation in the EU, and explains how the growing trend toward coand self-regulation might be applied to nanotechnology. He then describes the impact that the Aarhus Convention may have on regulation, including access to information. The Article concludes with the prediction that the growth of nanotechnology will not lead to radically new regulation mechanisms in the EU.

Geert van Calster is a Professor at K.U. Leuven in Belgium, where he teaches regulatory law. He is also a visiting lecturer at Oxford University and a Member of the Brussels Bar, Of Counsel (practicing) with DLA Piper. He can be reached at gavc@law.kuleuven.be or at geert.van.calster @dlapiper.com.

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