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The Continued Success of Proposition 65 in Reducing Toxic Exposures

December 2005

Citation: ELR 10850

Author: Clifford Rechtschaffen and Patrick Williams

Editor's Summary: California's Proposition 65 is by now a well-known regulatory tool for warning consumers about the potentially toxic components of products they consume or to which they are exposed. Rechtschaffen and Williams argue that while Proposition 65 has been subject to some abuses, it has also brought about important reductions in exposures to toxic substances. To make their point, they examine product reformulations caused by enforcement of Proposition 65's warning requirements over the past five years.

Clifford Rechtschaffen is a professor at Golden Gate University School of Law. Patrick Williams is a 2005 honors graduate of Golden Gate University School of Law. Thanks to Michelle Smith for her valuable research assistance, and to Karalyn Buchner, Sue Fiering, Karen Kramer, Bill Verick, and Ed Weil for their helpful comments on earlier drafts of this Article.

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