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The 10th U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Crazy Horse, J.) and Dissents Note Written—The Environmental Term of 2003-04

December 2004

Citation: 34 ELR 11033

Issue: 12

Author: William H. Rodgers, Jr.

I. Introduction


My nomination and appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court were not widely publicized. My collegiality was never held in high regard. My experience is limited but I think I understand the ways of nature and the use of language in treaty writings. I have listened for a sympathetic voice on this Court but I have not heard one. I will limit my dissents to seven. I will include one case from the 2002-2003 Term but will hold my tongue on many others. --Crazy Horse, J.


Prof. William H. Rodgers Jr. is the Stimson Bullitt Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Washington. He has taught environmental law at the law schools at Arizona State University, the University of Florida, Georgetown University, the University of Hawaii, the University of Maine, and the University of Miami. He is the author of West's Hornbook on Environmental Law and a four-volume treatise on environmental law. He is at work on a fifth volume of the treatise, entitled Environmental Law in Indian Country.

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