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Cross-Examining Market Approaches to Protecting Endangered Species

September 2000

Citation: 30 ELR 10721

Issue: 9

Author: Nancy K. Kubasek, M. Neil Browne, Michael D. Meuti

If a value system is simply presupposed and obeyed as the given structure of the world that all are made to accept and serve, it can become systematically destructive without our knowing there is a moral choice involved.1

Imagine your shock were you to find your home missing. After walking around for several minutes, you notice that your neighbors' homes are gone as well. Confused, you decide to go out to find something to eat. However, after searching for a place to eat for hours, you discover that your habitat has no food left. First, one neighbor dies, then another. Soon there is almost none of your kind remaining.

Nancy K. Kubasek is Professor of Legal Studies at Bowling Green State University, M. Neil Browne is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Economics at Bowling Green State University. Michael D. Meuti is a J.D. candidate at Stanford Law School.

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