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European Community Environmental Law: Environmental Legislation

June 1999

Citation: 29 ELR 10297

Issue: 6

Author: Rod Hunter and Koen Muylle

Editors' Summary: This Article is the second of three parts of a discussion of environmental law in the European Community. The first Article, which was published in the September 1998 edition of ELR's News & Analysis, discussed the evolving European treaties and institutions. This Article delves into the particulars of the European environmental regulatory framework. It begins by covering institutional issues and then moves into an inventory of production-related regulation. The Article covers environmental impact assessments, eco-management and auditing, major accident hazards, industrial emissions, ambient air and water quality, and waste management. The third and last Article in this series will be published in ELR's News & Analysis later this year, and all three Articles serve as the introductory chapterof the Environmental Law Institute's European Community Deskbook, 2nd Edition.

Mr. Hunter is a partner in the Brussels office of Hunton & Williams and heads the firm's European regulatory practice. Mr. Muylle serves as legal advisor to the Beigian Senate and was previously an associate in the Brussels office of Hunton & Williams.

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