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Regulation of Air Quality: Who is Leading Whom? Some States Have Adopted Greater Restrictions While Others Are Believed to Lag Far Behind

January 1992

Citation: 22 ELR 10021

Issue: 1

Author: Lee Dehihns, Michael Barr, and V. John White

LEE DEHIHNS: Rather than discuss the Clean Air Act amendments from the view of their relationship to the states, let me review some of the history of our federal air act legislation to illustrate how it frames our present situation. You will see in the history the underpinning of some of the proposed amendments. You also will see that the proposed amendments still won't solve the federal/state dilemmas.

The first federal clean air legislation was passed in 1955.

Lee Dehihns, Deputy Regional Administrator, Region IV, U.S. EPA. Michael Barr, Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro. V. John White, V. John White & Associates.

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