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Federal Versus State Environmental Protection Standards: Can a National Policy Be Implemented Locally? (TOC)

January 1992

Citation: ELR 10009

Author: ABA Standing Committee on Environmental Law

Keynote Presentation: Making the Partnership Work

Panel Discussion: Regulation of Nuclear Materials

Regulation of Air Quality

Regulation of Water Quality: Is EPA Meeting Its Oblilgations or Can the States Better Meet Water Quality Challenges?

Regulating Solid and Hazardous Wastes

Copyright © 1991. American Bar Association. This conference report was produced by the ABA Standing Committee on Environmental Law with the assistance of the Environmental Law Reporter. It is printed with permission and is separately published by the Standing Committee. The views set out in this report have not been approved by the ABA House of Delegates and do not constitute the position of the American Bar Association. ISBN No. 0-89707-603-6. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 91-70874.

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