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Media Tips for Environmental Lawyers

October 1990

Citation: ELR 10425

Author: Frank M. Corrado

Environmental news, like most news today, is enmeshed in the scare-of-the-week syndrome: "If it bleeds, it leads."1 Reporters, seeking facts instead of truths, usually leave little room for in-depth coverage of scientific or environmental issues. At the same time, environmental stories have grown to be among the stories most widely reported on.2

As an environmental attorney, chances are that sometime during your career you will be involved with the media — in print, on radio, or before a camera. Watching how pollution enforcement has developed over the last two decades has convinced me that environmental attorneys would benefit by learning a few important communication techniques.

Frank M. Corrado is President of Communications for Management, Inc., International, a Chicago consulting and training firm. From 1969 to 1979 he was Region V Director of Public Affairs for the Environmental Protection Agency. His work at EPA earned him the Agency's Gold Medal for Exceptional Service. Mr. Corrado has also worked in news operations for CBS and NBC affiliates in Baltimore and South Bend, Indiana, and has managed combat press support operations in Vietnam. He is author of Media for Managers (Prentice-Hall 1984).

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