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Mike Dukakis on the Environment

August 1988

Citation: ELR 10296

Author: Michael Dukakis

Editors' Summary: With virtual certainty, one of the two Dialogues that follow is the environmental views of the next president. Choosing between them is one of the most important environmental decisions that Americans collectively will make over the next several years.

This month, we publish side by side the environmental views of George Bush and Michael Dukakis. Both manuscripts are the most recent comprehensive statements received from the candidates as of late June 1988. To make the comparison as fair as possible, we have not edited either piece for substance, rather editing only to make the manuscripts uniform with our standard style for punctuation, grammar, and the like. In the case of Mr. Bush's manuscript, delivered originally as a speech to a Seattle audience, we have also eliminated the customary greeting and farewell to the audience and we have generalized such audience-specific phrases as "Here in Seattle."

Otherwise, for both candidates what you see is, come Inauguration Day, what you will get.

Mr. Dukakis is the governor of Massachusetts, and will be the Democratic candidate for president in the November 1988 election.

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