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B.R.S. Land Investors v. United States

ELR Citation: 9 ELR 20486
Nos. Nos. 76-3360, -3361, 596 F.2d 353/13 ERC 1127/(9th Cir., 05/02/1979)

The Ninth Circuit affirms a district court's dismissal of a complaint seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against the proposed construction of a high-tower electric transmission line adjacent to appellants' property. The court finds that since appellants concede that the respondent utility's application for federal approval of the project has yet to progress beyond the preliminary conversation stage, there has been no final federal action ripe for judicial review. Thus, the trial court properly dismissed the complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief could be granted.

Counsel for Appellants
Fadem, Berger & Norton, P.C.
501 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 600, Santa Monica CA 90406
(213) 451-9951

Counsel for Federal Respondents
J. Mark Waxman, Ass't U.S. Attorney
312 N. Spring St., Los Angeles CA 90012
(213) 666-2434

Counsel for Respondent Southern California Edison
Roland E. Woodbury
P.O. Box 800, Rosemead CA 91770
(213) 572-1934

Before HUFSTEDLER and WALLACE, Circuit Judges, and TANNER,* District Judge.