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Western Watersheds Project v. Zinke

ELR Citation: 48 ELR 20172
Nos. 1:18-cv-00187-REB, (D. Idaho, 09/21/2018) (Bush, J.)

A district court preliminarily enjoined BLM from conducting oil and gas lease sales under the procedures of a new BLM directive. Environmental groups argued that the directive unlawfully constrains environmental review of, and public participation in, oil and gas lease decisions that affect and threaten sage grouse populations and habitats across the western United States. The court found that the groups showed a substantial case for success on the merits of their claim and that irreparable harm was likely to result in the absence of an injunction. Moreover, the court concluded that the equities tip in favor of, and the public interest is best served by, granting the groups' motion. The court therefore issued a preliminary injunction.