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High Country Conservation Advocates v. United States Forest Service

ELR Citation: 44 ELR 20213
Nos. 13-01723, (D. Colo., ) (Jackson, J.)

A district court issued a final order vacating BLM's and the U.S. Forest Service's approval of on-the-ground mining exploration activities in a part of western Colorado's North Fork Valley. The court previously held that the agencies violated NEPA when it approved the projects and enjoined intervening mining companies from proceeding with the project until the agencies complied with NEPA. But the court postponed its decision on the appropriate remedies for the violations until the parties had a chance to confer. The court determined that vacatur was appropriate in this case. Specifically, the court vacated the exploration plan and permanently enjoined any and all actions pursuant to those approvals, vacated the agencies' approval of certain lease modifications, and vacated the North Fork Exception to the Colorado Roadless Rule.