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Cormier v. District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority

ELR Citation: 43 ELR 20155
Nos. 11-cv-1290, 12-cv-537, (D.C., 07/03/2013)

The District of Columbia's highest court upheld the dismissal of a property owner's lawsuit against the D.C. sewer and water authority for pinhole leaks in his apartment buildings' pipes. The trial record provides ample support for the court's determination that the authority's actions or inactions could not have been a substantial factor in causing the pinhole leaks at the properties. Water is a naturally corrosive substance and pinhole leaks have numerous causes other than the quality of water. Nor did the lower court err in concluding that the owner failed to prove the existence of any leaks at one of the properties. The court, therefore, affirmed the lower court decision on the merits. However, the lower court's award of attorney fees to the authority was reduced by $1,859.06, representing the authority's attorney travel costs.