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No Damaging or Unsightly Mun. Pollution v. King County

ELR Citation: 16 ELR 21021
Nos. No. C82-186V, (W.D. Wash., 08/04/1986) Supplemental award of attorney fees

The court holds that a supplemental award of costs and attorney fees for time spent preparing the application for reimbursement of the attorney fees and litigation costs of a prevailing citizen's group under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act §7002(e) is appropriate. The court first holds that the hourly rates of counsel are reasonable, but that the time devoted is unreasonable, and awards only one-half the total billed. The court also holds that its earlier order on costs and fees, 16 ELR 21019, was to cover all charges billed through the time of and for the trial on the merits, and refuses to make any additional award for costs and fees billed through March 1986 (the time of the trial), but not included in the original application. The court holds, however, that miscellaneous costs incurred since April 1986, and an expert's fee for services rendered before, but not invoiced until after the trial, may be awarded.

[The opinion on the merits appears at 16 ELR 21016. The opinion on the original attorney fees award appears at 16 ELR 21019.]

Counsel are listed at 16 ELR 21016.