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In re In re Quanta Resources Corp.

ELR Citation: 14 ELR 20572
Nos. No. 83-5730, 739 F.2d 927/21 ERC 1254/(3d Cir., 07/20/1984)

The court rules that a trustee in bankruptcy may not abandon a hazardous waste site where such an abandonment would effect a disposal of waste in contravention of state law. The Quanta trustee proposed to abandon a site in New Jersey containing polychlorinated-biphenyl-contaminated oil. The court holds the situation to be on all fours with the proposed abandonment in the companion case, In re Quanta Resources Corp., 14 ELR 20563, where the court held the abandonment illegal.

A dissent would allow the abandonment for the reasons expressed in the dissent in the other opinion.

Counsel for Appellant
James J. Ciancia, Ass't Attorney General; Richard F. Engel, Deputy Attorney General
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Counsel for Appellees
William F. McEnroe, Corinne M. DeStefano
Nolan, O'Neill & Moore
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A. Dennis Terrell, Kenneth S. Kasper
Shanley & Fisher
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Richard B. Honig
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