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United States v. General Motors Corp.

Citation: 19 ELR 21309
No. No. 87-1890, (W.D. La., 02/02/1989)

The court holds that a state implementation plan (SIP) under the Clean Air Act is not as a matter of law superseded by a site-specific permit issued by the state, and SIP compliance is still required. The court first observes that the SIP provides that approval of a particular project does not relieve the project from complying with the SIP. There is a substantial issue of fact whether the SIP requirements and the permit requirements are equivalent, making summary judgment inappropriate. Moreover, the permit was issued before the SIP had a provision dealing with the same topic, and the permitted project is the only site in the state to which this part of the SIP might apply; if the SIP were superceded by the permit, its issuance would have been superfluous. Although the SIP includes a provision authorizing the state to extend a compliance date, the parties have not argued that the permit is an implementation of this section.

Counsel for Plaintiff
John R. Haliburton, Ass't U.S. Attorney
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Counsel for Defendant
Gerald R. Harper
1700 Commercial National Tower, 33 Texas St., Shreveport LA 71101-3621
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