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Citizens for Responsible Area Growth v. Adams

Citation: 12 ELR 21025
No. Nos. 81-1602, -1760, 680 F.2d 835/(1st Cir., 05/25/1982) Injunction modified

The First Circuit rules that the construction of a privately funded hangar at the Lebanon, New Hampshire, airport is not a federal action subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The district court, after preliminarily enjoining construction of a federally funded runway extension and industrial park development at the airport pending preparation of an environmental impact statement, refused appellant's request to modify the injunction to allow construction of the hangar. The court rules that the district court abused its discretion in refusing to modify the preliminary injunction. The hangar project was not a federal action subject to the requirements of NEPA because it was neither federally funded nor significantly related to either the runway extension or industrial park development.

Counsel for Appellant
John J. Curtin Jr., Alexandra Leake, William G. Southard
Bingham, Dana & Gould
35th Floor, 100 Federal St., Boston MA 02110
(617) 357-9300

Nicholas D. N. Harvey
Stebbins & Bradley
P.O. Box 382, Hanover NH 03755
(603) 643-3737

Jack G. Duncan
Legal Department, AMCA Int'l Co.
7 Allen St., Hanover NH 03755
(603) 643-5454

Counsel for Appellees
Peter R. Teachout
Vermont Law School
S. Royalton VT 05068
(802) 763-8303

Robert F. Eisengrein, W. Stephen Thayer III
Office of the Chief Counsel
Federal Aviation Administration, 800 Independence Ave. NW, Washington DC 20591
(202) 426-3766

Before Coffin, Aldrich, and Breyer, JJ.