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Boston v. Massachusetts Port Auth.

Citation: 6 ELR 20608
No. No. 99492 Eq. 521, (Mass. Super. Ct., 06/28/1976) Injunction modified

The court amends its previous judgment, 5 ELR 20200, to allow completion of construction of runways at Logan Airport only as extended safety areas and not as runway extensions for normal airport operations. The parties have agreed that such action minimizes environmental damage and complies with the statutory requirement that the defendants publish an environmental impact report prior to construction. Plaintiffs will receive daily work progress reports and are entitled to inspect the construction upon one day's notice to the defendants. The action is dismissed without prejudice; the court retains jurisdiction in order to modify the judgment should it become inequitable.

Counsel for Plaintiffs (in addition to counsel listed at 5 ELR 20200)
Robert L. Weiss, Jr.
Boston Legal Assistance Project
108 Maverick St.
East Boston MA 02128
(617) 569-1661

Charles Corkin, II
Catherine L. Farrell Asst. Attorneys General
One Ashburton Place
Boston MA 02108
(617) 727-2265

Counsel for Defendants listed at 5 ELR 20200.