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West Virginia Div. of the Izaak Walton League v. Butz

Citation: 5 ELR 20573
No. No. 74-1387, 522 F.2d 945/8 ERC 1076/(4th Cir., 08/21/1975) Aff'd

The Organic Act of 1897 provides that only dead and mature or large timber may be cut in national forests, and requires in addition that all such trees be individually marked prior to harvesting. The U.S. Forest Service is therefore prohibited from contracting for or allowing clearcutting in the Monongahela National Forest. This view is based on a literal reading of the statute, and is supported by an examination of its legislative history. The Multiple-Use Sustained Yield Act of 1960 did not repeal these restrictions on timber sales from the national forests, nor did it constitute congressional ratification of the relatively new Forest Service policy of allowing clearcutting. If such restrictions are an anachronism which no longer serves the public interest, then Congress, not the courts, is the proper forum in which to resolve the issue. A lower court decision enjoining the Forest Service from allowing any further clearcutting in the Monongahela Forest and ordering the agency to revise its regulations accordingly is affirmed. For the district court's opinion, order issuing the injunction, and denial of defendants' motion to amend the order, see 3 ELR 20895, 4 ELR 20128, and 4 ELR 20229. See also Comment, Fourth Circuit Affirms Ban of Clearcutting in Monongahela National Forest 5 ELR 10175 (Oct. 1975).

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