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United States v. Cappaert

Citation: 5 ELR 20494
No. No. 74-1690, 508 F.2d 313/(9th Cir., 12/04/1974)

Cattle ranchers are ordered to limit their pumping of underground water to quantities that will maintain a high enough water level in nearby Devils Hole pool, in the Death Valley National Monument, to preserve the pupfish, an endangered species that inhabits the pool. The Presidential Proclamation of January 7, 1952, which withdrew the Devils Hole pool from the public domain, implicitly reserved enough groundwater to sustain the unique pupfish and legally established the government's rights as against any future appropriation.

Counsel for Plaintiffs
D. V. Heaton U.S. Attorney
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Las Vegas, Nev. 89101

Robert L. Klarquist
Dept. of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20530

Counsel for Defendants
L. William Paul Deputy Attorney General
State Supreme Court Bldg.
Carson City, Nev. 89701

Larry C. Reynolds
215 E. Bonanza Rd.
Suite 103
Las Vegas, Nev. 89101

Peter A. Laxalt
George Allison Special Deputy Attorneys General
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Carson City, Nev. 89701

Roger A. Wirth
Lionel, Sawyer, Collins & Wartman
First National Bank Building
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