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Citizens Against the Destruction of Napa v. Lynn

Citation: 5 ELR 20451
No. No. C-73-1553 WHO, 391 F. Supp. 1188/7 ERC 1785/(N.D. Cal., 02/03/1975)

A Department of Housing and Urban Development EIS discussing the effects of redevelopment of a three-block area in a city's central business district is adequate, even though it fails to analyze the impact of use of eight additional blocks for parking facilities as proposed in the city council master plan. While the three-block redevelopment is to be funded by HUD in the last year of the Neighborhood Development Program, federal funding for the eight-block area is not yet guaranteed under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and the present EIS therefore need not consider this area. The EIS also presents a good faith discussion of reasonable alternatives, and meets the NEPA requirements of a "detailed statement" by informing the appropriate federal agencies and the public of environmental risks and benefits. Plaintiffs' motions for injunctive and declaratory relief against further redevelopment are denied, and the case is dismissed.

Counsel for Plaintiffs
Charles G. Reid
Adcock, Reid & Duree
710 Missouri St.
Fairfield, Cal. 94533

Counsel for Napa Community Redevelopment Agency
Benjamin D. James, Jr.
James & McGriff
870 Market St.
San Francisco, Cal. 94102

Counsel for City of Napa
W. Scott Snowden Deputy City Attorney
1211 Division St.
Napa, Cal. 94558

Counsel for Defendats
James L. Browning, Jr. U.S. Attorney
Rodney H. Hamblin Asst. U.S. Attorney
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, Cal. 94102