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Board of County Comm'rs v. Thompson

Citation: 2 ELR 20423
No. No. 24982, 493 P.2d 1358/4 ERC 1037/177 Colo. 277, (Colo., 02/22/1972)

A county zoning ordinance that prohibits the use of land zoned agricultural for the storage of junk is reasonably related to interests of the community that may be protected through exercise of the police power. The legislation delegating the state's zoning power recognizes as valid purposes of zoning not only community health and welfare, but also the classification of land uses and distribution of land development and utilization, protection of the tax base, fostering of the state's agricultural and other industries and the protection of urban and non-urban development. Application of junk storage prohibition to defendants so as to enjoin their use of agricultural land to store used automobiles in pursuit of a hobby is not a denial of equal protection of the laws, and the ordinance is not void for vagueness.

Counsel for Plaintiff
Joseph C. French
James G. Martin
Helen Garfield
1966 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Counsel for Defendants
Roger E. Stevens
3216 Arapahoe Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302