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United States v. 247.37 Acres of Land

Citation: 2 ELR 20154
No. No. 7769, 3 ERC 1696/(S.D. Ohio, 01/24/1972) Motion denied

Motion to reinstate judgment of possession in a proceeding to condemn land for an Army Corps of Engineers dam project is denied. In an earlier decision, United States v. 247.37 Acres of Land, 1 ELR 20513 (S.D. Ohio Sept. 9, 1971), the judgment was vacated because the corps had not complied with NEPA. Although an environmental impact statement has since been filed, the record does not demonstrate that the NEPA review process has been completed.

Counsel for United States
James E. Rattan Asst. U.S. Attorney
Federal Building
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Counsel for Defendant
Charles G. Heyd
Peck, Shaffer & Williams
1604 First National Bank Building
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202