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State v. San Luis Obispo Sportman's Ass'n

ELR Citation: 9 ELR 20012
Nos. No. L.A. 30806, 584 P.2d 1088/22 Cal. 3d 440, (Cal., 10/13/1978)

The court upholds a lower court's determination that appellees have a constitutional right to fish in a municipal reservoir and that the city must establish a program permitting recreational fishing in such waters. A 1910 amendment to the California Constitution guaranteeing a public right to fishing upon and from state lands requires that fishing be permitted from state-owned reservoirs except where incompatible with the purpose of the reservoir. A statutory provision implementing this amendment further requires that owners of dams take affirmative steps to assure public access for fishing. Considering the trial court's finding that if limited to certain portions of the reservoir, public fishing would have no deleterious impact on the quality of water entering the public water supply at the outlet of the dam, the court concurs that a fishing program must be established, including provision of sanitary facilities and surveillance.

Counsel for Appellant City of San Luis Obispo
A.J. Shaw, City Attorney
P.O. Box 321, San Luis Obispo CA 93406
(805) 544-1303

Counsel for Appellant California State University
Howard Gilstrap
400 Golden Shore, Long Beach CA 90802
(213) 590-5623

Counsel for San Luis Obispo Sportsman's Ass'n
Michael J. Morris
Andre, Morris & Racouillat
Suite 210, 1150 OSOS St., San Luis Obispo CA 93301
(805) 543-4171

Michael T. LeSage
Hart & LeSage
620 13th St., Paso Robles CA 93446
(805) 238-3484

Jon M. Jenkins
Wright & Jenkins
P.O. Box 777, Atascadero CA 93422
(805) 466-9026

Counsel for State Department of Public Health
Evelle J. Younger, Attorney General; R.H. Connett, Ass't Attorney General; Raymond H. Williamson, Deputy Attorney General
State Capitol, Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 445-4334