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Federal Bills for 2015 of type Chamber Action

H.R. 2494, Chamber Action

would support global anti-poaching efforts, strengthen the capacity of partner countries to counter wildlife trafficking, and designate major wildlife trafficking countries.

Wildlife (generally)

H.R. 1937, Chamber Action

would require the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to more efficiently develop domestic sources of the minerals and mineral materials of strategic and critical importance to U.S. economic and national security and manufacturing competitiveness.


H.R. 774, Chamber Action

would strengthen enforcement mechanisms to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and to amend the Tuna Conventions Act of 1950 to implement the Antigua Convention.


H.R. 702, Chamber Action

would seek to adapt to changing crude oil market conditions by amending the CAA to repeal EPA's renewable fuel program, which requires transportation fuel to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuel.

Energy (generally)

H.R. 538, Chamber Action

would seek to facilitate the development of energy on Native American lands by reducing federal regulations that impede tribal development of Native American lands.

Energy (generally)

S. Res. 286, Chamber Action

would designate the week beginning on October 11, 2015, as "National Wildlife Refuge Week."

Wildlife (generally)

S. 986, Chamber Action

would require the Secretary of the Interior to take into trust four parcels of federal land for the benefit of certain Indian Pueblos in the state of New Mexico.

Land Use (generally)

H.R. 2168, Chamber Action

would make the current Dungeness crab fishery management regime permanent.


H.R. 34, Chamber Action

would authorize and strengthen NOAA's tsunami detection, forecast, warning, research, and mitigation program.


S. Res. 217, Chamber Action

would designate October 8, 2015, as "National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day."

Energy (generally)