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Case Names and Citations for 51 ELR

Pagesort icon Citation
20238 Bullock v. United States Bureau of Land Management, 4:20-cv-00062-BMM (D. Mont., October 2020)
20239 Indigenous Environmental Network v. Trump, 4:19-cv-00028-BMM (D. Mont., October 2020)
20240 American Chemistry Council v. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, C079078 (Cal. Ct. App., October 2020)
20241 California v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 19-17480 (9th Cir., October 2020)
20242 Chernaik v. Brown, 39 (Or., October 2020)
20243 Earthworks v. U.S. Department of the Interior, 09-1972 (RC) (D.D.C., October 2020)
20244 WildEarth Guardians v. Bernhardt, 20-56 (RC) (D.D.C., October 2020)
20245 Rhode Island v. Shell Oil Products Co., L.L.C., 19-1818 (1st Cir., October 2020)
20246 Institute for Fisheries Resources v. United States Food and Drug Administration, 16-cv-01574-VC (N.D. Cal., November 2020)
20247 Alliance for the Wild Rockies v. Burman, CV 20-22-GF-KLD (D. Mont., October 2020)
20248 WildEarth Guardians v. Bernhardt, 16-1724 (RC) (D.D.C., November 2020)
20249 Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition v. Caperton, 3:20-0470 (S.D.W. Va., November 2020)
20250 Alaska v. Bernhardt, 3:17-cv-00013-SLG and 3:17-cv-00014-SLG (D. Alaska, November 2020)
20251 Ergon-West Virginia, Inc. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, 19-2128 (4th Cir., November 2020)
20252 Smith v. Tumalo Irrigation District, 6:20-cv-00345-MK (D. Or., November 2020)
20253 Montana Environmental Information Center v. Montana Department of Environmental Quality, 2020 MT 288 (Mont., November 2020)