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Weekly Cases Update Volume 49, Issue 17

United Steelworkers v. Mine Safety and Health Administration

49 ELR 20101
18-1116 (D.C. Cir., June 2019)

The D.C. Circuit vacated the Mine Safety and Health Administration's (MSHA's) 2018 amendment to a 2017 safety standard that required mine operators to examine areas before miners began work and record any conditions that could adversely affect workers' safety and health. Union groups argued the...

Health and safety standards

Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v. BP P.L.C.

49 ELR 20102
ELH-18-2357 (D. Md., June 2019)

A federal district court granted the city of Baltimore's motion to remand to state court its climate change case against oil companies. The city alleged it sustained climate change-related injuries from greenhouse gas pollution to which the companies had substantially contributed. The companies...

Federal question jurisdiction

EQT Production Co. v. Crowder

49 ELR 20100
14-C-64 (W. Va., June 2019)

A state high court affirmed a partial summary judgment for landowners in a challenge to an oil company's use of their land to extract natural gas from neighboring properties. The landowners argued that the company's lease did not allow it to use their land to extract oil and gas from neighboring...

Property rights