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The European Union postponed a planned extension of rules requiring airlines to pay for carbon emissions to and from non-EU destinations. Climate commissioner Connie Hedegard proposed "stopping the clock for one year" due to progress made in negotiations on a global carbon emissions deal, but she added that the tax would be reintroduced if the International Civil Aviation Organization did not make progress by this time next year. The rules currently only apply to internal flights that begin and end within member states, but plans to expand the law met with fierce opposition from the United States, China, India, and other members of the International Civil Aviation Organization. A bill to prohibit U.S. airlines from participating in the scheme has passed the House and Senate, and China and India have both promised to boycott. For the full story, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20299388. Earlier: http://elr.info/international/international-update/india-boycotts-eus-aviation-emissions-scheme, http://elr.info/international/international-update/chinese-airlines-sue-over-eu-emissions-trading-scheme.