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Ibama, Brazil's environmental regulator, rejected an environmental license request for a proposed hydroelectric dam in the Amazon on the Tapajos River. The dam had been opposed by conservation groups and indigenous tribes. Ibama's ruling determined that the backers of the dam had not provided adequate information to prove environmental and social viability. The dam, if approved, would have been one of Brazil's biggest dams with an installed capacity of approximately 6.1 gigawatts. It would have flooded 145 square miles of Amazon Rainforest, home to 12,000 Munduruku Indians. Ibama's ruling explained that the dam supporters failed to provide information about the impact of the dam on aquifers, deforestation, destruction of animal and plant life, and the loss of indigenous farmland. A license for the dam can be requested at a later date, but a re-request is unlikely given the cost of redoing impact studies. For the full story, see http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-energy-dam-idUKKCN10F2RT.