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News & Analysis In the Congress Volume 51, Issue 1

H.R. 8810

would establish a national program to identify and reduce losses from landslide hazards and establish a national 3D Elevation Program.

Environmental Law and Policy/Governance

H.R. 8807

would establish a grant program to map optimal locations for electric vehicle charging stations and the derived demand for electricity.

Energy (generally)

H.R. 8795

would amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act to direct the Secretary of Commerce to establish a climate impact management plan for the conservation of certain marine mammal species.

Wildlife (generally)

H.R. 8806

would amend Title 5, U.S. Code, to provide for an investment option under the Thrift Savings Plan that does not include investment in any fossil fuel companies.

Environmental Law and Policy/Governance

H.R. 8790

would extend the wildfire and hurricane indemnity program to cover certain crop losses in calendar year 2020.

Environmental Law and Policy/Governance

H.R. 8784

would amend the Foreign Assistance Act to authorize the U.S. Agency for International Development to accept or purchase used property for planning and implementation of wind energy programs under the Act.

Energy (generally)

H.R. 3682

would provide for greater consultation between the federal government and the governing bodies of land grant-mercedes and acequias in New Mexico and provide for a process for recognizing the historic, traditional boundaries of land grant-mercedes.

Public Lands

S. 4908

would amend the Internal Revenue Code to provide a tax credit for taxpayers who remove lead-based hazards.


H.R. 8769

would support the sustainable aviation fuel market.

Environmental Law and Policy/Governance

H.R. 7954

which would reauthorize the Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Conservation Act, was passed by the House.

Wildlife (generally)